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Plants make any living space truly come to life

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About Us

Our Story

At The Botany Center, we are on a mission to change how life is lived. A way that is better for the people and the planet. All our plants are selected carefully with the principles of beauty, air purifying capabilities and honest value. We toil hard to cultivate and propagate a wide array of plants in our nursery in California to offer our customers choice. The result is a nearly endless variety of green plants, succulents, cacti and ferns. 

As we grow our business, we are researching in new ways food can be produced as well. Hydroponic systems and home grow kits will soon be available allowing everyone to enjoy home grown, fresh and guilt free leafy greens round the year. 


Caring for plants is good for you and Mother Earth.

At Puritree, we care deeply about Mother Earth and are committed to making the right choices for the health of our clients and environment. From the very beginning we’ve taken a critical eye to our plant selection, packaging and sourcing practices and looked for ways to be kind to the Earth.

Sustainability for us, does not only apply to nature, but also our core business growth- amazing customer service! We have a dedicated team to help you with any needs such as, plant doctors for growing and caring tips, customer service representatives to answer any questions over call or email. 

How We're Working to Do Our Part

At Bowery, we dream of a world where doing business means giving back to the people and the planet more than it takes, but to achieve this we need more than incremental change.

So we decided that for every plant we sell, a plant sapling will be planted in rural Bangladesh where climate change is rapidly devastating the livelihoods of millions of people. 


“How and where you spend your time is one of the most important decisions you make. Believe it counts. Make it count.”

 We’re a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers, and activators. Together, we’re reimagining plants from the ground up to eradicate trade-offs between quality and quantity, sustainability and scale, and healthy and pure when it comes to the air we breathe.

We are all true gardeners, and our core values guide everything we do — from building a better future to getting down in the (metaphorical) dirt.

We welcome your thoughts and reflections in helping us further reduce our environmental impact and educate our community. The journey to sustainability is a long one, but one we are devoted to, and we are grateful for your support and participation.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to share the power of better health—for you and the planet.

Unbeatable quality

We closely monitor all our plants at our greenhouse and have expert botanists vet each batch to ensure they meet the highest quality standard in the United States.

direct to your doorstep

We will bring plants right to your door anywhere within the USA within 5 business days. If you're not 100% satisfied let us know within 15 days and we will fix it.

All the help you need

All our plants come with all the care instructions you need on our website and our plant doctors are always on call Monday to Friday - 9AM - 7PM